Nation, Bodies and Sex (Chair: Peter Rehberg, Schwules Museum)
Gustavo E. Subero (Imperial College London): (Re)imagining Latino Masculinities in recent US sitcoms; Amy Burge (University of Birmingham): “I love my Russian heroes”: Masculinity and National Identity in Twenty-first Century Popular Romance Fiction; Emre Busse (Freie University, Berlin): Men of Turkey: Tracing masculinities through gay ‘ethnic’ pornography; Ashley Morgan (Cardiff School of Art): The Archetype of hardness: the legacy of oppression in the collective unconscious of Welsh masculinity

Nationalism and the Alt-Right (Chair: Mark McGlashan, Birmingham City University)
Alexandre Pichel-Vázquez (University Oberta de Catalunya): Demonstrating Emotional Bodies: Between the Spanish National Straightness and the Anti-Colonial Obliqueness; Jacob Johanssen (St Mary’s University): Incels and Male Fantasies Today

Making Images: Artist Presentations (Chair: Begonya Enguix, Open University of Catalonia)
Kirsten Adkins (Wolverhampton University): Napoleon Dynamite by Me; Ron Amato (Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC): One Artist’s Personal Journey Through Photography

Politics and Positionality (Chair: Florian Vörös)

Ian Sergeant (Birmingham City University): Black Masculinities: Hyper (In)Visibility; Sophie Kratidou & Nefeli-Maria Giannaki (Panteion University, Greece): Constructing masculinities in the swirl of the Macedonian Question; Lisa Nike-Bühring (University of Gloucestershire): Growing Old in a Neoliberal Society: Reflections of Older German Men

Gay Sex and the City; Jamie Hakim book launch (Chair: João Florêncio, University of Exeter)

Jamie Hakim (University of East Anglia): Work That Body: Male Bodies in Digital Culture; Sebastian Baxter (Manchester Penetrated): Chemsex Aesthetics and the cultural representation of chemsex: A Manchester Penetrated investigation into a (sub)cultural practice; Maurice Nagington (University of Manchester): The paradox of chemsex: bringing people together and breaking the gay community apart